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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  March 28, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a baltimore maa is shot and pilled by police.officers say he was trying to stab his mother.but the mother saas she blaaes aatrigger happy officer for her son's death. happened at this northwest baltimore home... on west cold spring lane near say they received a call that 21-year old sheron jackson was threatening to attack his mother with a knife.hii mother... tia jackson... says her son called 9-1-1 at about 9-30 yysterday morning after having an argument wiit her. she ays her son had a history of mental illness... but wasn't attacking her.when the to her son to open the front
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door.he did... and that's when jackson says she heard at least four gunshots. t.c..18:22:16 (mm. jacksoo) "and thht's when me and my daughter ran down heee nd my son was sitting at riggt there. and him, what did you shoot him forr he still hhd the gun at me and my him for? he still had the him, what did you shoot i said, why did you shoot sitting at right there. him, what did you shoot him t for? he still had the gun at meeand my daughter.. don't move, don't touch im. iisaid what did you shoot him for... he had a weapon..well where's the weapon? and he pointed.. was a small liitle pocket kinife pushhd over there." there."homicide detectives are investigating.meantime, he officer is on administrative duty. p pitbull is shot and killed in montgomery couuty... after two teenagers are attacked. police say a 15 ear old boy and a 14 year old girr were bitten by two dogs last night in gaithersburg.officers shot gunn proved ineffective.they were abll to confine the seccnd one.the teenagers were with arm and leg woundssand y - the girl with arm,,leg and neck wounds. police are
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speaking with the owner of the ddgs. a man is chargee with -&assa after áheá is caught on tape.. being knocked out cold. --fight att--- nats---this video was taken last week, outside long taken last week, this video was this video was taken last week, outsiie long reach high schhol ii columbia.police say the man on the ground... 40-year-old donnell vannison showed up at the school in a ski mask to confront a 16-year-old student...but instead the student knocks him out cold... charged withhsecond degree assault and disorderly conddct. a 15 year old girl who is connected to the suspect... has also been charged in the case. the parents of the fforida teen... shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman... take their son... to the nation's cc. capital.trayvvnnmartins' parents were there as house lawmakers held a "forum" examining racial profillng and hate zimmerman in february... and has not
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been charged because of florida's "stann your ground" laww the justice department is investigating this case as a possible hate crime.a grand jury ii also set to convene april 11th in florida- and that may be where any charges against george zimmerman may ultimately be decidee. meaawhile... trayvon martin's mother is trying to trademark her son's name.sybrina fulton has iled petitions to ppotect the slogans "i am trayvon" and "justice for trayvon."if thee trademarks are granted.. they would cover digitallmaterials like dvd's, cd's and audioo recordings oo her son... and bumper stickers and hoodies. justin bieber has legions oo adoringgfans... but two people in texas are ánotá too happy with the pop staa right now. two peopll are threatening tt take legal action against bieber because of a phone prank gone wild.earlier this month... bieber tweeted out a phone numbbr ... with the final digit missing ... to 19
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million follooers ... urging them to give him a call. the tweet was deleted a little whhle later... but not before scads of teenaged girls prabbed their phones and started dialing. a awyer for a man and a woman pn texas says they got more than one-thousand phone calls there's no word from the beebs. starbucks... is the most popular fast food chainnon face. facebook.the coffee chain as more than 29- million "likes." mmdonald's came in second place.. followed by subway, taco bell and pizza pays to like your favorite restaurants n ffcebook.people pho ike them on facebook are ofttn alerted to speccal offers and disccunts. ffr most drivers, one speeding ticket would be enoughhto slow them down. down.but a california woman was cited for peeding nnt once... not twice... but three hour!lynne cahill-gomez was
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arrested for reckless driving her speeds exceededd100 miles tickets. the third timm, they say she was going 76 in a 55. the wommn says she was driving to see hhr sick mother. before you jump into a new profession, your employers might want to know if you can pull your own weight. that thought is literally being taaen to the extreme attanne arundel community college today. joel d. smith is live in arnold to ssow us howwa truck pull, might help students haul in some high paying jobs. good morning joel d. 3 3 3
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take your ids to one unique lunch buffet. buffet.coming up... how to have brunch with the elephants.. in our hometown hot. you could be 2-hundred and fifty thhusand dollars richer... we've got your ega millions numbers... watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) d97 --ringling brothers and barnum
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and bailey fully charged is hosting the 29th annual market---chris the clown--the elephants will diie on the world's largest stand-up vegetarian buffet of apples, lettuce, baaanas, carrots, fresh italiin beadonly city in the this event annually --festivities with clowns and a live band band 3&the elephant 3brunch is at lexington market
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todayyat nooo.for more information, log onnto fox baltimore doo com slass morning. you have a better chance at becoming he president. president.coming upp.. a professor reaks down the millionn jackpot... see what - could happen to you before you ever win the lottery. lottery. you're watching fox 45 good day baltiiore. ((break 2)) what do you think of this one? really? what's this?
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this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. pyu ave another hance to
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become a mega millionaire...a
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mega oneehas . jaccpot.the estimated jackpot is now 476 million dollars... for friday's drawing.that is the largest jackpot in lottery . history.history. history.jackpot in lottery that issthe largest jackpot in lottery history. history.but don't throw out ppizes were won.47 tickees matchee five of the six numbers and willlpay out 250- thousand dollars.theewinning numbers were: 9-19-34-44-51124. not to burst your bbbble... but you are more likely tt et truck by &plightning than win the lottery. professor in michigan held a class to show people just how far--ut the odds are of wwnning. winning.tte professor says the odds of winning the lotteeyy are about one in 1-hundred-76
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llkely that you'll become a professional athlete....or ppesident of theeunited states.
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3 3 3 3 be the mean... violent... ay 3 3 33
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mean... violent... those may be the words that come to mind
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pitbull.but there's a nnw movie that hopes to change your minddabout pitbulls.why they say pitbulls are really good dogs. plus... ameeican idol is ack tonight... fiid out what rock legend will be mentoring the contestantss you're watching fox 45 ood day baltimore. ((break 3)) they're running out of you. a tragic animal abuse case
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that affected a pit bull. phoenix was set on fire in may 2009.the dog eventualll had to be euthanized because of her injuries.two brothers areeon trial for the crime. animal abuse advocates say &pthis case brings to light the &pstigma that some people breed.while there have een l cases of the ogs attacking
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humans...many say tte breed is not to fact, there's a movie that aims o disspell some of the myths and set the record straaght.catalina &psterling and paulinnehouliara are here to talk abbut the moive "beyond the myth".--what contributes to the public's of pit bulls?--what are the legislative cooflictss--what are some myths aaout this brred?--why areethey false? --what re some having a pit bull as aapet?--is there a neee to children" if you live near a ppt bull in the --tell for more the ssreeniig of the
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for more information on "beyond the myyh"...log on to fox baltimore dot com slash
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morning. a medical milestone riggt here in maryland. marylann.(("this s the most remarkable thing i have ever ss) seen"))how doctors ow doctors were able t transplant a &pface... and in turn... changg a man's liff.a look at the patient before and after his amazing transformation. plus... whht it looks like iich ttll basketball player dunks.the hilarious hoop... neett wednessay, march 28th.
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what age is the best year of your life? ---a new survvry pays its age 33-- a british website, friends reunited... says that 70-percent of people their happiest.--- just as 3
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6-percent said theyywere years-- only 16-peeceet pined for their childhooddyears.--- one in three surveyed found their happiness in having children. 33 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 republican preeidennial maryland today. today.theetexas reppeseetative is scheduled to ttend a town hall meeting at the university of maryland this evening. paul is currently in last place in the race for thhe one week before maryland'ss primary ... g-o-p ppesidential hopeful newt gingrich vvsits annappols.the forrer house speaaer shook hands with tuusday... and even had some &pcrabbcake.maryland's primaay is nexxttuesday, april third. governor mmrtin o'malley make breakfast a priority forr theirrsttdents. the governor is hosting sccool ppincipals this morning for a breakfast in the statehouse. aaout how to make school acceesible to students. hh is also expected to announce the expansion of a program to deliver school breakfast puriig nstructton time. a basketball legend ii getting into the sport of baseeall... as an owner. ownnr.magic johnson is part a
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group of investors that has boughttthe los angeles dodgers. johnson won an auction to buy the team. the price?two billion dollars. another former n-b-- star is facing poosible jail time. dennis rodman faces up to twenty days in jail for not support to his rodman's attorney ays in famer is ... quote ... broke" and "extremely sick"... though the exact illness was not described. aaythinggbut... nd thhs dunning look easy.makes - eesy.tiny is the 7-foot 8-inch guy in the blle jersey... wwtch as his feet barely leave phe floor as he makes barely barely leave the floor as he makes a slam dunk.tiny's real
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name is paul sturgess... he went to college at wess virginia's mountain tate niversity... and plays for the harlem plobetrottees. he's also been crowned the world's talleet prooessional basketball player by guinnees world records. 3 the competition for jobs is taking a heavy turn at anne arundel coommnity coolege.. joel d. smith is live haul in a highhpaying job as well. good morning joel d. 3 &p good morning patrice.
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3 3&a first f it'sskind face tra. transplant.((he was giddy... it was like a kid at christmas)) christtas))one maans reaction to his new facc... and a look innredible trannffrmation... right here in maryland. warmer -temper clouds are rolling in... when
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your est chancc is forr rain... coming up wwth the forecastt you're watthing fox 45 good day &pbaltimore. ((break )) &pbaltimore. ((break )) rate. this!today on our facebook
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page we posted a picture offa cattwho looks a little you captioned it. it. mary francesssays "i'm taller than i thought." thought."len says, ""dont make me get meow-dival on you" you"shervell says, "will the uu. 333 captions...((áááaddlibááá))if ps on if you want to play ((áááad libááá))captions... if you want to play me of your along... jjin us on our
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facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. 3 ((toss to weaaher)) p(ad lib meteorollgist))
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a ground breaking surgery... pight hereeinnbaltimore. remarkabll thing i have ever se) seen"))the incredible transforration of onn man... face transplant... and whht he is saaing about his new another rumor &pabout a new judge on theex factor... and this one has ties to the show... who it is... coming up. up. you'reewatching
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fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6)) he says he's for global conversation. but he'll use his private jet just to fly up the coast for a cheeseburger. she warns us about a global warming emergency. but she spends 22,000 a year to water her lawn. he says he's against tax cuts for the rich. but he claims his estate is a farm simply to get a tax break. jason mattera exposes the truth about hollywood. 3
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3 a life channing transformaaion... riihtthere performed the woold's first extensive face transplant.this morning... thee37 year old man from southhrn virginia.. remains hospitalized.. but as kathleenncairns shows us... tte urgery was a success. 3 at the univvrsiiy of maryland medical center: (((this is his prom photo moment-- in 1993))))ome of the nations tops ssrgeons come 3 together to talk abouttáonee patient: richard norris. this miraculous event" ámiracleá is not a word used lightly in the medical community... (dr tom scalea)"this is the most remarkable thing i haveeever seen"but in 997::fttr norris &psustaiied gunshht wound:..
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(photos changing)"thhs skeletal deformity comes with siggificanttsoft tissue deformity.. and you can see the innividuallas he lived for 15 years of his life.. behind a mask."(dr 3 rodriguuz)"living basicalll as aarecluue.. doiig his shopping at niiht. "but after a decade of rrsearch.... the scientific findings were put toothe test. (red bow tie)"wwere we are bringing ground breaking research findings from the laboratorr room.. or if you will frrm the bench to he bedside." the surgery took 6 houus... moving tongue and teeth.... from onn... to anothhr... norrii had endured years of a painful existence... and phis suugery prrduced thii result.....(moment unveiling of mr richard norris just 6 days aater his surgical 3 procedurr... (clapping)"after the ssrgerr.. norris.. was aaxiouu to look in a mirror. (dr tommscalea)"and he was giddy... it was like a kid at christmas.. all he could say was.. ttis is so cooll.this is
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said ii ovee and ooer againnhe donors family wants to remain anonyyous. (dr edwardo rodriquez) "when e look at the donor and look at richard.. its obvvously a individuals..clearly here arr some specific features like the nose and chin but behind the soft tissue aad skeleton it is richard norris"drs now popp full face trrnsplants can noo be used on othees... like soldiers from the war zone. in dt balt kc fox 45 news at 10 thh same aaonymous donor five other people, thanks to organ transplants... those pranplants also took place &pduring thh same two day perio. period. ((ááááad &plibáááá)) &p tte x ffctor may be ccoser to signing a big star. star. coming up.. what singer
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that has ties to judge l-a board. coull be coming on board- you're atchhng fox 455 3
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the top 9 will hit the stage on american idol tonight. tonighh.candace is here wiih the details and some news about another fox singing stevie nicks ill meetor tte
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ccnttstantss.. they will be on songs froo their idols.aa lot of speculation about the choices... ut regardless we good performance from one leading lady. nats jessica sings : i will always love 3you you jessica wowed the judges and americc with her rendition of the whitney houston classic "i teenager, but she looks and a 3 sounds like a veteran in the iiduutry.i recently met up with hhr in los angeles and she told me her success on the show is a result of years of preearation. i've been watching this show sinne i was 5.. i was on america's got tallnt when i amazing chatl amazing 3
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you can see jessica and thee othhr singers on american idoll tonight and tomorrow at 8pm here on ffx45. (((ess)))i want to know what you thiik of the competition.i will be chatting ive tonight duuing the show.just go too facebook dot com slash fox baltimore becomm aafan and click on inside fox45 to join the coversation (((on cmm))there's alss news competition...the x factor.. anothee major op star is in the rrnning for a seat at the judge's table. ttalee rihanna is reportedly in talks with ssoo prrddcers to join talks with 3 show reportedly in rihanna is rihanna is producers to join the hit singing competition. phe's the latest star thht siion cowell wants on he tte gig down. she says she's just tto busyyand can't committthe time. and the search for a neww -3 -3 judge nicole ssherzinger and paula abddl were lettgo. 3
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day... buu cloudd are headdd our way. way.meteorologist steve fertig has your 7-day forecast right after tte break. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. áá7 day forecastáá on fox 45 news at 5:30 way -
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